Want me to bring the joy and spark some fuel for your team at your next event? 

My messages will light a fire inside of you. I believe that we can bring joy to life regardless of what we are walking through – this means that we can bring the joy to grief and loss. I provide a framework for how you can:
SHOW UP. DO THE HARD WORK AND STAY CONSISTENT regardless of the curve balls life throws at you.

Jessica is an advocate for rare disease, mental health, women empowerment and all things joy.

Contact Jessica and her team to discuss how a virtual talk can help your people keep showing up, doing the hard work and stay consistent.

Relatable, uplifting and incredibly authentic; we could have listened and talked with Jessica all day! We had attendees from a wide variety of lifestyles, and Jessica’s message about how to make the most of every day spoke to everyone.

Kelsey Cram Woelcke

Store Director, Mad About Style

Recently we had Jessica speak to a large group of our employees about the Love for Lewiston Foundation and her families experience.  Jessica does an amazing job of communicating what it was like to suddenly realize that life is not fully in our control and to have her family’s whole world turned upside down.  As a father and grand father, it’s a gut wrenching story that ends in tremendous loss for her and her family. But through all that, Jessica communicates it through an obvious foundation of love,  resolve and an incredible focus of making life as good as possible, despite the incredible challenges they faced. Amazingly, in all their heart ache and challenges, Jessica and her family find a way to help others with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  I was deeply touched, as were many of our employees, by Jessica’s story and her incredible dedication to helping others. Love for Lewiston Foundation is a great way to help those who are faced with some of life’s great challenges!

Mark Little

CEO, Suncor

Jessica spoke at our event for entrepreneurs, influencers, and small business owners and knocked it out of the park! We had so many attendees rave about her talk and ask to have her back again at future events. Her message was inspiring and motivating, and her stage presence was magnetic. Her charisma, humour, heart, and powerful pep-talk charmed the whole room. We would absolutely have her back again, anytime, anywhere. 

Laura + Nysha

Founders and Owners, The Connect and Collaboration

We invited Jessica to our first annual Women’s Wellness Symposium at All Saints High School and were BLOWN AWAY by her presence. The theater was packed with young ladies who were absolutely gripped by her story. Jessica has an uncanny ability to command a room, to inspire and to truly lead with her heart. We are so fortunate that she was able to join us and the feedback from staff and students was truly incredible. Jessica left the girls with messages of empowerment, following their dreams and being in control of their choices, all of which are increasingly important to instill in our youth. We cannot thank Jessica enough for sharing her gifts and talents with our community.

Roni Walz

Teacher, All Saints High School

Jessica Janzen Olstad has been a main speaker at our All Girls Day, at St Francis High School, for the past two years. It coincides with International Women’s Day and is a day of engaging and inspiring our girls through presentations from confident and successful women in Calgary. Jess’s voice needs to be heard! She speaks from the heart. She is real. She is raw. She has the gift of making every girl feel like their story matters. Jess is an amazing speaker and we hope to have her back for years to come.

Don Marchuk

St. Francis

Jessica was extremely easy to work with. I was impressed with her professionalism and enthusiasm. Her bright smile, sense of humour, connection with the crowd and warm heart was felt at our event. I would have Jessica be our MC anytime, she is a rare gem and adore her!

Stavroula Kangles

Vice President, Special Event Services, Spruce Meadows