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The world is moving faster than it ever has before. We are disconnected, distracted and constantly being faced with new problems, roadblocks and challenges. After overcoming unspeakable tragedy, Jessica helps us to stop asking “why me?” and to reframe each problem with, “SO NOW WHAT?”

Through her Roadmap For Resiliency, she empowers leaders and teams to turn roadblocks, lack of creativity and challenges into opportunities. This is her winning formula.

Her goal is to create a culture of resiliency and possibility, where individuals and teams reach their fullest potential and make positive impacts in their every day lives, at work and the communities they live in. Jessica dreams of a future where people spiral upwards towards a more joyful life rather than coasting or staying stuck. Her message is grounded in vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity – recognizing that we all face hard things and need a toolkit to navigate the tough stuff. Wanting to empower your team? Her keynotes do just that!

Key Note Messages


  • A 4 Step Roadmap For Resiliency to unlock more joy, energy and success.
  • Tools to help you move from a problem mindset to a possibility mindset.
  • Healthy habits and how they lead you to peak performance through consistency.
  • How to find belief again with scientific evidence to rewire your brain for success.


  • Strategies for navigating mental health and burnout.
  • The life changing practice of turning pain into rocket fuel.
  • Learn how to ask for help and build a supportive network.
  • Master the art of a perspective shift.
    How to find Joy Starters in the everyday.


  • Resiliency tools to unlock forward momentum.
  • How to move from a problem mindset into a possibility mindset.
  • How to reinvigorate yourself and those around you.
  • Learning how to get back on track when you get derailed.
  • The art of flowing through seasons rather than the struggle for perfect balance.

“Jessica’s session was incredibly impactful, and we referred to the ideas of “so now what…” and “bring the joy” in many other conversations throughout the balance of our conference and team meetings. I have no doubt that what Jessica shared will become part of our culture as we move into the future. The biggest thank you for such an impactful keynote!”

Joanna Buckingham

Pursuit Collection

“Jessica is a gifted storyteller, a dynamic and engaging speaker, and a true thought leader. Her message leaves a lasting impression, prompting you to reevaluate your priorities, redefine success, and take bold, consistent steps toward a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. She exemplifies how personal experiences and traumas can be transformed into strengths and used to create a more compassionate and successful business model. If you have the opportunity to hear Jessica speak, do not miss it.”

Jenalee Waring

Flagstaff County

“Our team needed reconnection and focus as we have seen so much change and many challenges the past 2 years. Not only was Jessica’s keynote exactly what we needed to hear but the follow up coaching helped our team members apply the mindset shifts into the every day of their individual roles. We can’t wait to work with her again.”

Bobbi-Lynn Webowesky

TC Energy

“She was vibrant, warm, and fully engaged with everyone in attendance, even after her talk. She brought our event to the next level by truly connecting with the audience. One guest said it best: “It was empowering, emotional and gave space for reflection – something I have yet to experience at an event.”

Diane Bellissimo

Paradigm - Digital - Experimental - PR

“The perspective she shared was authentic, refreshing and unique. She inspired our residents to continue to ‘bring the joy’ in our day to day circumstances and work environments. Her talk brought many laughs as well as tears and was such a refreshment to us. Jessica has so much to offer to people from all walks of life”

Dr. Rebekah Baumann

University of Alberta

“Jess brought inspiration and heart to the room and left everyone ready to rise to all of life’s challenges! Her story and message are so important and she and her team were amazing to work with from start to finish.”

Lani Mcleod

Airdrie Chamber of Commerce

Past Clients