Are you ready to live a life by design?

People come to Jessica to personally and proffessionally get unstuck, reach new levels and build a life of abundant joy. If you’re looking to build new healthy habits, reframe perspectives and externally process in a safe environment with zero judgement – this is for you. Her clients are often looking to get more out of the life that they are living and to better manage the roadblocks and hurdles that life throws their way. 1:1 coaching is specifically set up to give you the momentum that you need. 

As a coach, Jessica’s role is to pull out the very best of each client. She will not do the work for you but she will give you the tools you need to excel and succeed. The life you dream of will take intention, hard work and gratitude. 

What’s included?

  • 3 or 6 Month Options for 1:1 Coaching
  • 30 Minute Weekly Calls
  • Voxer Support: M- F

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I started coaching with Jess because I felt stuck in my own head. Very early on, she identified a few key things I could try to get unstuck and begin to thrive. For the first time in my life, I understand what it means to blossom. The tools Jess has given me are invaluable in so many areas of my life, and they just keep coming.

- Corporate VP

Working with Jess cannot be summed up with just a short testimonial. From supporting me through mental blocks, encouraging me to take big actions to hit goals and being the most effective cheerleader one could wish for – it’s been a game changer.

Leading a small business can not only challenging, but isolating. Having Jess’s support and expertise has been instrumental in my companies growth, from financials to the ever so tricky HR.

Balancing life, parenting and business is not for the faint of heart, but investing in coaching with Jess has given me the tools I need to flourish in both aspects of my life.

If you’re really in it to smash the goals you’ve set, investing in yourself is imperative. Jess will push you to do the work, stay consistent and will cheer you on the entire way!

- Small Business Owner

As an executive it has been instrumental for me to externally process the many challenges I face both personally and professionally as a leader of my organization. Coaching with Jessica has helped me learn new tools that I can apply in my everyday life and particularily in the management of my team.

- Chief Human Resource Officer