Hi friend.
I’m so happy you found your way here. 

I’m Jessica a badass boss babe, wife, mama, keynote speaker, author, Executive Director of Love for Lewiston Foundation, joy bringer
and cheerleader!


Like every good, juicy story, let’s start at the beginning. I ditched the classic 9-5 corporate gig and chose to live my most authentic, bold and joyful life. It was a big move and I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been an easy road. But the choice was mine to either stay static or take a leap of faith, actively listen to the nudges of my heart and carve a new path to create moments that I would be proud of.

It took death and massive heartache to get me to this spot. It was the death of my son Lewiston that finally woke me up to really start living and get on with what I had always dreamed of. They say the average person gets about 30,000 days to live – my son only had a 179. That was the slap in the face to get going. And so I have. My book Bring the joy came out in 2020 (hilarious timing as we all had to navigate loss and heartache) we have raised over $1 Million dollars for the Foundation that we started in honor of my son to carry on his legacy. I have been speaking on stages in person and virtually across North America. 

Life is precious, the days are long, but the years are short. Knowing this I am determined to not let heartache, loss, grief hold me down and keep me stagnant. Pain has become my rocket fuel for change, for going big and always going all in. 

I have the same battery pack as the energizer bunny – my therapist tells me that I am wired this way and I don’t need to deny it. It only took a few thousand dollars to come up with that discovery. Man is there freedom in accepting who God created you to be and pressing into your gifts – one of mine is energy hence I don’t stop. Faith is the most important thing in my life and I am upright because of the gift of grace. Like so many, I have struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling stuck in the darkness and alone when the room has been buzzing full of people. I believe all of these moments have lead me to share my knowledge and help provide the freedom that I have found in my life. I believe joy is possible even in the midst of death. 

During the quiet moments, which are rare, you can find me journaling my dreams with a hot coffee in-hand, getting a good sweat on and taking any opportunity to soak up sunshine and any activity by the water with Hot Ronnie (my hubby) and our kids. 

I believe in honest conversations over a fabulous beverage – sparkling water, hot coffee, a glass of red or maybe my mama’s sweet tea. You can always find me with a minimum of 3 beverages in hand. 

We often wait for our world to completely crumble before we are willing to do the work for the life we dream of. I am passionate about not waiting for those life alternating moments like I did to get unstuck and moving forward with momentum to live the life you only dream of.

Join me inside my virtual course:
The Hard Work.


Getting Unstuck: Life after grief and loss.

A 6-Week Course to give you the tools to get unstuck so that you can DREAM BIG. GO ANYWHERE. DO ANYTHING.