Hey!  I am Jessica.


I am a farm girl, now urban city dweller in Calgary, Canada. I love a good pair of heels and heading out to explore a new restaurant or traveling to a new city. I ditched my corporate gig and the 9 -5 grind to live my most authentic, bold, joyful life. I believe that my story has a purpose and have committed my life to sharing my testimony to encourage others to get unstuck and really start living. It took me losing my son to get to this spot. I am most proud of my hubby and kids but closley followed with my Foundation work and clothing line which I developed and designed an have locally made in my hometown to help raise funds and awareness for the Love for Lewiston Foundation and SMA & Alberta Childrens Hospital Foundation. Myself and my Hot Hubby – Hot Ronnie as I call him started the foundation with 3 of our best friends to honor our son who passed away in November 2016 from a rare genetic disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Our goal is find a cure and get new born screening into place so that no family has to endure what we did with our son Lewiston. I am a wanna be blogger (it is harder than it looks), and do the things that makes my heart soar. My least favourite question is …”so what do you do?” As on any one given day I am probably mopping up another mess and cleaning the kitchen for the millionth time, playing horses with Miss Swayzie or dreaming up my next design for the clothing line, fighting and lobbying to find a cure and get treatment for those that suffer with SMA or writing a chapter for my book. I take pleasure in the small things such as good coffee, shoe shopping, getting a good sweat on with my girlfriends and soaking up the sunshine by the water via paddleboarding or wakesurfing. My daily focus is to run towards the roar. You can more about that by heading out our foundations website.