Everyone has their list. Their must haves! Can’t live without ‘em! Here are a few of my favourite things and how they find their way into my day. These are the items that I get the most questions about and my all times favs. 

Some of these are affiliate links (which means I make a small commission off of them – others are just shared cause I know they will change your life too.) Don’t buy shit you don’t need. Get strategic, I am really focused on only buying products that need replenishing or it is something I really need. Pause before you hit add to cart. Now with that precursor.  

  • BEST TO GO MUGS I always have 3 on the go – One for lemon ice water, one for a smoothie and a coffee or tea depending on the time of day. Yes, I use 3 Yeti’s a day and I need them all! 
  • FAV SWEATSHIRT Hello 2020, let’s rock a new sweatshirt everyday of the week. I have been living in my cozy Lewiston Label soft hoodies and sweaters. 
  • FOCUS JOURNAL Yes, I am old school. I like to check it off of my list. It is one of the best feelings and keeps me going onto the next to do. The pages are where I keep track of my crazy ideas, thoughts and what is up next on my list. My Focus Journal is key to my day-to-day.   
  • COZY SLIPPERS I bounce between these and my Costco slipper. Since we are all working from home, these have quickly become another one of my daily essentials. 
  • BEST PENS I have a confession to make, I have become a pen snob. I am not ashamed to admit it. These days I only want to write with PILOT G-2 10 or  Papermate. 
  • ESSENTIAL OILS It all started when Lewiston was in the hospital. I couldn’t stand the smell and started diffusing in the hospital room. I have continued to diffuse to uplift my mood. My favourite is a citrus, grapefruit and lemon essential oil blend. I use Doterra and love the quality. 
  • BEST FACE POWDER Oh Calgary, your winters are just the best on our skin. I have spent a lot of time trying new potions and lotions and often get asked about my skin and what products I use. This lightweight pressed powder and mist are a must have for me and part of my regular routine. Check out Jane Iredale Pressed Powder in the shade Golden Glow and The POM Mist. 
  • INSTA CART I love grocery shopping I do. But I am an over spender and would rather do an activity with my kids or play then walk the aisles of a crowded grocery story. Insta cart has been game-changer and yes you do pay a small premium on products but that is worth it for when I calculate my time, the gas and over-purchasing which usually leads to waste. This is my fav mom hack of all time and they do Costco now. HECK YES! Working mom here, ain’t nobody got time to go to the grocery store. If you haven’t signed up for Instacart, what are you waiting for? 
  • BEST BODY CREAM Literally the only lotion that will solve all your problems. You NEED Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Slave Cream.
  • TRU LEMON I love lemon water – It is hydrating, good for your health and can give you a little afternoon boost. I used to carry around cut up lemons in a bag but these little packets are SO much easier. Like life-changing easier. Try True Lemon and let me know what you think. 
  • A FANNY PACK All moms will understand that when you are the go with kids, you need to be hands-free and ready for anything. Add the COVID pandemic into that mix and I am even more grateful for my fanny pack. Check out Everywhere Belt Bag it will carry all your essentials and bonus, it isn’t your typical mom fanny pack. 
  • LIP GLOSS  The number one question of 2017 I am not kidding you was what lip gloss do I wear. I rock Beautycounter’s Lip Gloss in Opal – it is since discontinued but I love BEyond the GLoss in Bare Shimmer. It is clean, smells amazing with real vanilla and peppermint and actually hydrates your lips. It is the best! 
  • ARMPITS I use 3 products. I switched to a natural deo about 4 years ago and still get a million questions on this. Switching from regular drug store to natural is a process so here are my 3 must-have products if you are going to do it. Charcoal mask, Om Organics Salt Detox Scrub and Routine Cream Deo made here in Calgary. 
  • CANDLES COLLAB: When you lose a loved one you never want to forget them and always find yourself wishing they were at those special occasions or around the corner to squeeze and love. I always have this lit to always know Lewiston is close.
  • ACRYLIC BOARDS: My must-have!! for organization! These are game-changers for your family, goals and business plans- so thankful I can get them locally made now!

These are my must haves that I will always restock because I basically use them daily and can’t live with out them.