*This post was a sponsored partnership in collaboration with Uppa Baby*

When you have your first baby, it can be so overwhelming with what seems like an endless list of what you need to purchase. Between cribs, rocking chairs, toys, car seats etc.; it just doesn’t end! Luckily, this isn’t our first rodeo and I knew exactly where to go for at least one thing; the best stroller.

I first bought the VISTA when I was pregnant in 2014, with our daughter Swayzie. I can’t believe she is 5 now! Wow time flies. Out of everything we had to get it was by far the best baby purchase we had made – next to a good rocking chair. After our son Lewiston passed away in 2016 from a rare genetic disease, I needed to clear out all our baby items, and downsized our stroller. I went to West Coast Kids and picked up the MINU which was perfect for one child. Light weight, easy to fold, and still a good size basket with a single handle to I could stroll and sip coffee at the same time. So when Hollis came along it was time again for to go back to the VISTA, you can still use the MINU however I wanted something that Swayzie could also use if needed. The VISTA can basically have all the kids on it. I knew that I didn’t have to look very hard to know that the UPPABABY VISTA was still the clear winner. So let me tell you why. 

UPPAbaby is an innovative company that strives to create high quality products without you having to lose your own sense of style. The owners, Bob and Lauren, are parents who got their inspiration from their young children to create some of the coolest designs around. Legit I think it is the best looking stroller on the market. 

While UPPAbaby has several options for strollers, the VISTA is definitely my favourite and trust me when I say this ride has it all! It perfectly adapts to our family as it grows, carrying up to 3 kids easily, so no more struggling to get everyone wrangled and heading in the same direction and perfect for when the big kids need a break from walking. 


We’re a busy family and always on the go, so to have a stroller that can keep up with us, is a must! The VISTA’s intuitive design allows for multiple configurations, making transporting our kids a breeze. Not only does it come with both the extended bassinet and toddler seat, but they are completely interchangeable. Changing out the components is crazy easy to do.  Even Hot Ronnie can figure it out, and trust me that’s a miracle in itself. You’ll also find that the UPPAbaby VISTA has a new front wheel design, 100% premium leather accents and several colours to choose from. Not to mention how lightweight it is and that it stands when it’s folded, and is super simple to collapse down! Say whaaaat?!


Calgary weather is a little temperamental to say the least. So, I was so excited to find out that I didn’t have to buy any other accessories for the VISTA as it came with everything we needed. You get an adjustable canopy, an extendable pop out UPF 50+ sunshade, a rain shield for the toddler seat, a bug shield for both the bassinet and toddler seat and an XL basket for mom storage. Woot! These items all come standard. Read that again. THEY ALL COME STANDARD!


The accessories we bought were the Ganoosh, The Bassinet Stand for the limited time that Hollis was in our room that now converts into a laundry hamper, and the piggyback board (which is super helpful since kids grow like weeds and has been perfect for Swayzie)!

The basket underneath may just be the best thing about this stroller, it can hold all of our family essentials, plus all my bags, and any items we need for the beach, the park, or little outings.  It is perfect for when I am running around the city crushing meeting after meeting and have the kids in tow.


It has also been put to great use on our family travels, especially when we went to Victoria for a friends wedding, where Swayzie could hop on the piggyback feature to rest her tired legs without Ronnie having to sacrifice his back. Our little man Hollis, chilled out in the bassinet. We also invested in their Travel Bag as they have an amazing warranty, so if it happens to get damaged inflight will replace it for FREE!

Some of my favourite features also include the easy grip foot break, the large basket obvi for all my stuff and all the different seating options. We also used the easy clip Mesa Car seat, which is also lightweight and easily functional.

Whether we’re running errands, raising awareness for The Love for Lewiston Foundation, or just out for a family stroll, the UPPAbaby Vista has made our family’s hectic life a little bit smoother! Trust me when I say that the VISTA stroller is the best stroller for a growing family! You will so be so glad you invested in the best ride for your baby. Highly recommend this must have baby gear.

This Product was gifted and all opinions are that of my own.