Using our fav products for bath time.

**This blog post was sponsored by JOHNSON’S.**

Sweet baby Hollis is just over 4 months now! Watching him grow, learn, and change has been such a blessing. My favourite thing right now is spending quality time with him during his bath time. The first few times we bathed him he hated it but now he loves it!! I look forward to bath time with Hollis, as it has become our chance to slow down and enjoy each other each day. There are no distractions, phone calls taken, or emails sent during bath time-it’s just us.

I love spending this precious time with him.

There are no distractions, phone calls taken, or emails sent during bath time-it’s just us.I returned back to work just 10 short days after Hollis was born. Running a non-profit foundation and our largest fundraiser of the year didn’t allow for a yearlong maternity leave. Making time for meaningful activities together has been so important to me. At times Mom guilt can creep in and I feel bad for going back to work so soon after he was born-I am learning to let it go and cherish these sweet moments.Having this carved out time with Hollis allows for us to connect and soak up milestones. Each bath he gets stronger and more determined. He kicks and splashes and finds new “moves” each time he’s in the tub. I love it! Bath time with Lewiston, our last son, was one of my favourite things to do with him besides our dance parties. I knew it felt good for him and allowed him the movement he was robbed of because of SMA. Lewiston passed away just shy of 6 months old from this disease which reminds me daily of the importance of intentional one on one time with my kids.

Baby’s skin is so important.

When it’s bath time I reach for JOHNSON’S CottonTouch™ Newborn Wash and Shampoo. It is just as important to me as one on one time to choose products that I can trust on Hollis’s newborn skin. It is ultra light and smells fresh and clean-I love it!! The lather is incredible, it is easy to rinse and leaves no residue. Knowing that JOHNSON’S has been around for over 125years, it is comforting to know that they take what they do seriously. Their reformulated washes, lotions, and shampoos are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes, and are made with 96% naturally-derived ingredients and 50% fewer ingredients. JOHNSON’S scientists are parents themselves and it gives me confidence knowing that they develop products that they would want to use on their own babies and children.

Fresh and clean.

Feeling good about the products I use for my kids during bath time gives me peace of mind and allows me to just soak up all of the sweet moments I have with them at bath time.