Testing out the Drivewise app with Allstate Insurance.

My life is hectic, it is full, and I am constantly in and out of my car, racing to my next meeting (not literally racing but you know what I am mean). With a lot of my time being spent navigating crazy city streets, I thought it would be interesting to find out about my driving habits. I recently downloaded the Drivewise App to track my driving behaviours, and found that it encourages me to implement safer driving habits. And with a precious newborn, safety is at the top of my mind.

Reviewing my last drive and checking my rating with the Drivewise app.

I have been using the Drivewise App for a month, and I love how it puts the power in my hands and tracks my driving habits. It flags a “heavy foot” (speeding) and the use of harsh or extreme breaking, in addition to tracking my routes and the time and duration of my trips. In my opinion, the best advantage of using the app is that Allstate considers your driving performance when applying your insurance rates with up to a 30% discount. Without a doubt, I have developed a stronger awareness of my driving behaviours and implemented safer driving habits.

Checking on my precious Cargo
Loving this new app and using it to help hold me accountable!

It is crazy what happens when you know you’re being tracked. The app is a quick download and super simple to set up – it even lets you select if you are not the driver and a passenger or using Uber or public transit. If you are an Allstate Canada customer, you can qualify for up to 30% off on your auto policy premiums if you display safe driving habits.

As a mom, I think we can all agree that having safer, more alert drivers is critical to the safety of our children. I love that Allstate Canada is committed to making a positive difference across the country by advocating for safety and social responsibility and by giving back to the people and communities in which it operates – they have partnered with organizations such as MADD Canada, United Way and Junior Achievement. If you’re interested in learning more about the Drivewise program, click here for more information.

Do you have tips you follow to be a safer driver? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!