I have been living in this long tunic waffle top since I got it. Shop it here.

Now let’s make this clear – I am not a fashion blogger; it is not my end game and probably never will be. To be honest, the last bit of this pregnancy I have worn the same 4 things on repeat – can I get an amen from all my pregnant mamas! It’s just been easy. On the other hand…. I am so excited for spring and this babe and for some new pieces to hit my closet. What I do love is a good outfit and always doing a refresh on my spring and fall wardrobe. I think the majority of us do. Mixing up a few new pieces has a way of making us feel fresher and I find gives me a boost of confidence. I don’t think you need to break the bank account – just buying a few good pieces that can all work together and style a few different ways is key.

This coat will be m new spring staple. Snag it here.

In January of this year, I spoke at Mad About Style’s Ambassador Brunch in Winnipeg, to kick off the year. It was probably the most stunning brunch I have ever attended. No detail was missed. The pictures speak for themselves. The event was a glimpse of the spring collection and an opportunity to inspire others to not stay stuck and then to live their best life. I always love popping into Mad when I am home as I inevitably find something fabulous. The girls are fantastic and I love supporting Nicola.

The most stunning brunch put on my Mad About Style – Photo by Lynsey Corbett
Sharing my heart and inspiring MAD’s Ambassadors to just go for it in 2019.
Always happy to share our story!

Nicola is the store owner and to give you some context I think we are crazily not so distantly related. Its like 3rd cousins once removed or something like that – call it my Mennonite heritage.  So why do I love supporting Nicola? At the ripe age of 21 she started Mad About Style – after studying fashion, she legit took a leap of faith, got a loan and started a retail clothing store in Winnipeg. When most girls her age were wondering where their next social event was or what bar to hit, she was plugging away working day and night, 7 days a week to launch a dream and make it a reality.  She now celebrates 9 years in business! (Read about her blog post here.)

Meet Nicola – calm cool collected and one of the hardest working ladies I know.

Let’s talk about amazing for one second. My biggest pet peeve besides slow drivers who can’t merge, and bad coffee, is observing people stuck in a life they don’t love because they won’t take a leap of faith and just do the thing that is on their heart. Nicola is all about balls and courage and making it happen – this boss lady is crushing it. She is a wife, a mom, business owner and leader in the community. I love to support in any way I can. So when Mad reached out and asked me to speak I was all in. But when they spoke about a partnership with Love for Lewiston I was obviously all in and crazy thrilled!

Mad has an online presence but best yet, they are coming to YYC – yes you are reading that right. They will be here doing a pop-up at Little Modern Market Saturday April 13, 2019 at ATCO PARK in the Commons Building, 5302 Forand Street SW. They sent me a preview of some of the pieces and to say I am excited would be an understatement. The best part is that they are donating 10% of all online and pop-up sales to Love for Lewiston from April 5 – 14. And then it gets even better for you the online shopper – you get 10% off with my code “JESSXMAD” online! And for my Winnipeg friends – 10% of purchases made at the boutique in Winnipeg on Saturday, April 13 will also be donated to Love for Lewiston. Can you say sweet!

Easy everyday tops that work for pregnant mama’s and will work for post baby. I have linked the top here.

Our goal as a foundation is $400K this year. We cannot do it alone. It takes partners like Mad About Style and other incredible businesses to step up and help us with our goal. So when Nicola came to me with this idea, I had a little cry, as I never know how we are going to make it all happen. I am blown away with the generosity from Mad and their full team.  Here are just a few of the awesome pieces. Please keep in mind when we shot these I was 36 weeks pregnant, however I feel all of these can be easily worn for post baby and when mama gets her body back. My fav piece is probably the blush pink spring coat in faux suede. I can already tell it will be a season staple and a perfect transition piece.

Shop this perfect spring coat here.
Shop this classic waffle in rust pink here.
Lace blouse – shop it here.
You need this bomber – loving it in nude. Shop this look here

Mark your calendars folks – April 13. Hope to see you there!

Thanks Mad!