So I was one of those women who thought I was going to crush motherhood. Like just breeze through it, making lunches, playing dress-up, being super creative with fun activities and having the perfect household with everything in its place.  Ha – then reality hit and I was majorly humbled by all of the moving parts and being a great babysitter 20 years ago is not the same as having your own kids and juggling all of the things.

So here I am doing my best to juggle but also be a fun mom. When I get into my groove I can easily forget to slow down and just be a kid with Swayzie enjoying the little moments. We received an awesome box of crafts that has been perfect for the 2 of us to craft and play, and make believe together. We tend to repeat activities, so I love when we mix it up a bit. We have been working through a treasure box filled with creative-inspiring supplies like paint, glitter glue, plain seashells and other fun materials that we can decorate with. I never would have thought to pick up a bunch of fun art supplies to paint, color and create with – especially mermaid theme.

I recently listened to a podcast with a child psychologist  who spoke about spending just 10 uninterrupted intentional minutes with your child can make all the difference in their development as well as in strengthening your bond with them. This is a new challenge for me and one that is important especially as we add in another baby to the mix. I believe the transition will be a little bit smoother for Swayzie this time round as she will be 4  and not 13 months wondering what the heck is going on and can actually understand that she has a baby brother or baby sister and they are here to stay.

Fun – easy and the perfect actvitiy for a little girl to enjoy!

So as I take on this new challenge which for me a busy mom who is always on the go adn trying to accomplish a million and one things – creating magical moments like this with a rapidly growing daughter are so special. It feels like Swayzie is in a major growth spurt and I find now she is repeatedly asking for a snack or something special to eat while we play. Lately, her inquiries have been, “mommy can I have something really tasty to eat?” She is loving these new bars from Quaker. The Chewy Mermaid Confetti Chips are a wholesome snack – that contain no artificial color or flavors, 9 g of whole grains – and come in super appealing packaging, so she gets mega excited when she gets one for a snack or in lunch box for pre-school. If you want to pick up a fun treat that both you and your kids can appreciate, check out your local grocery store, as these bars are available for a limited time only. Look for the mermaid’s tail on the boxes and try them before it’s too late. I would love love to hear of ways you are connecting with your kids and what magical moments you have created……this mama is always open to new ideas.

A fun wholesome snack that Swayzie loves!

MOM WIN! I look like a hero and she enjoys a fun snack!
It is the simple things!

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