Okay, so the beginning of the year – January in particular – is all about changes and resolutions, healthy eating and saving money or paying your big bills from Christmas. If you have a family, it can be overwhelming – back to school prepping lunches and trying to keep up with that meal planning. I like the beginning of the year and implementation of routine, finding our rhythm again after the indulgences of Christmas fun and no set schedule over the holidays.

For us, January is a great month to keep focused on some already critical habits but it’s also a painful reminder of the death of Ronnie’s second dad. Yep you read right – his birth dad passed in a tragic car accident when he was just 9 years old, and his mom remarried, to an amazing man named Jimmy. Ronnie loved him and not once did I ever hear him say “this is my step dad Jimmy”. It was always just dad.  I loved him too – he welcomed and embraced me like I was his daughter. Truly he was one of the greatest happiest men alive. Tragically, on Dec 27, 2013 just 6 months after our wedding he was in a fatal car accident in Mexico. On January 3, 2014 after being medi-vac’d to Calgary, he passed peacefully after life support was pulled – doctors told us there was no meaningful recovery.

It was undeniably horrible….and it was also a wake up call for us as a couple.

Jimmy was a great man but didn’t believe in the silly details of life that we often tend to or prefer to, ignore. As Ronnie and I prepare for baby number 3 we are gently reminded how critical it is to have all of our affairs in order. One of those is our insurance policies and just as significantly, a Will. Lord willing, this piece of paper will not have to be administered till we are well on in years and we both pass peacefully in bed holding each other after 60 plus years of marriage. However…. we know tragedy all too well and want to be thoroughly prepared. To make this abundantly clear, this post IS NOT SPONSORED. I am just passionate about others being prepared! I truly love sharing my fav brands, fav restaurants and now life tips too. So why not share about the importance of a Will?

And so with Jimmy’s passing, we topped up our life insurance policies, and sorted out all the difficult and challenging details of having people and procedures in place in the event of this kind of tragedy. I wouldn’t say this is a fun exercise – but it is necessary and we have seen how stressful it is losing family members, with the added anxiety and drain of not having a plan and legal documents in place.

Beyond excited to finally get our will done. Allison one of the owners made sure that appointment happened. So thankful for her follow up.

With no clue where and how to begin, we employed the services of Hudson Law. They made the process easy, uncomplicated and worked with the super crammed and jammed schedule I maintain.

The process from start to finish was crazy simple. I also asked Allison from their office, to harass me until this was complete because I kept putting it off…. not so unlike this blog post, as it isn’t the “funnest” topic in the world to tackle! ….yeah, let’s get together and chat death and fight over who gets our kids if we both tragically pass. Let’s face it, not the most pleasant discussion!

Anyway – my encouragement to you is to just carve out the dang time. Even if your bank account balances are not just so, and maybe you feel like life is a little messy…. just do it. I wanted the peace of mind knowing that if something was to ever happen, we would have life insurance, a solid Will and no major issues for our families to deal with.

Here is the process from start to finish.

  1. Allison sends an information package which includes pricing – great combo price. The combo price includes two copies of each document and includes Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorneys (EPA) and Personal Directives (PD).
  2. You fill out the those forms attached. Review as a husband and wife or partner team so that when you do go in to meet, everything is straightforward and moves quickly at your in-person meeting with Ben. (Ben is the cute bald guy in the pictures and the owner with Allison of Hudson law.)
  3. An in person consult with Ben Hudson follows.
  4. About 2 weeks after that meeting, you get a draft via email which you review again with your partner to make sure everything is captured correctly.
  5. Schedule an appointment for your final in-person meeting.
  6. Meeting at Hudson Law – this is  where everything is laid out, signed and completed, your signature on 3 originals of the Wills, EPA and ED’s. You walk out with your documents. There is only 1 original Will. You go home with signed scanned copy and the original copy stays at Hudson Law in the safe. You can also request an emailed copy or USB for your personal files.
Ben Hudson making sure we didn’t miss a detail and giving us all of the options.

Honestly, they truly make it painless and super straightforward and to the point. This can be daunting stuff but Ben and his team at Hudson took the time with us and we feel confident that if anything unthinkable happens we are prepared and have eased the burden for our families. As I side note: if I do pass away before Hot Ronnie, I told him I don’t want carnations at my funeral. I want a party, not a boring, sad service. Yeah, weird to talk about this stuff, but life is short and as I know only too well, can bring twists and tragedy when least expected. We literally had just firmed up everything and were headed out of town to visit friends in Missouri, when we heard about a crazy duck boat accident the week before we left, on the very lake where we were vacationing….over 30 people died – it was National news. Over 9 of them were from the same family. Chilling, and what a reality check, because of course you never imagine it could happen to be you.

As I mentioned earlier, this is Not Sponsored. I simply want to share useful life tips. Find a great lawyer – I highly recommend Hudson Law and their amazingly friendly team. If you have not done this yet take the time to do this. Also please note –