I believe in Divine appointments. I believe that everything can happen for a reason and have purpose. I believe that God wont waste anything if you let him use it.


So Lewiston dies – it sucks and is the worst thing every. (Don’t mind my frankness it is just how I deal with loss. If you have a problem with it don’t follow along.) Anyways my girlfriends and I decide to take a quick weekend trip to LA to eat over priced food, work out like crazy and have a few days with out our little girls. They were trying desperately to keep me on the up and up and in good spirits with all that had gone on in our life over the last 6 months. I highly recommend this, if you have loss traveling for me has been a great distraction and something to look forward to. So off we went to LA.  Hilariously enough the first night we were in bed by 10:30pm and up at 6:30AM. My idea of partying late, and sleeping in didn’t really happen. But here is what did.

After landing in LA we got in the Uber we ordered and Lewiston’s song came on immediately. It was crazy.

I love stories. I believe that everyone has one and can share it to help, inspire and encourage others. My friend lol I call him a friend, but I doubt he even reminders who I am – regardless of how deep our relationship runs I know that Chad Veach is that guy. When Lewiston was battling for his life our pastors at our church gave us a book called Unreasonable Hope. I didn’t have much energy for reading but when I could would read a bit. I crushed reading the book right after Lewiston passed as I was not in the thick of medical decisions and the mess of life and hungry for tools and stories that showed of how others faced tragedy.

The book was a game changer. I don’t want to say too much as I believe the book is for everyone regarldess if you have experience loss or not – a total inspiring story of a family dealing with a very medically complex child. who remains faithful and undivided.  The coles notes version is that this guy Chad Veach and his beautiful wife (I can say that she is beautiful as I don’t just creep her on Instagram but have met her in person) she is like a super model. Anyway they have a baby and name her Georgia. Miss Georgia has some crazy rare disease and is given less than 10 years. They say she will never do a walk, talk, open her eyes, or communicate.  The Veach’s are truly believing for a miracle to this day and Miss sweet Georgia is defining all of the odds. Julie and Chad are the definition of  Unreasonable Hope.

Okay so now you know who Chad Veach is. After reading the book I start following him and his bombshell of a wife on Instagram. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, he has a very distinct look, the hugest smile you ever did see and wears chunky rings.   He has distinct glasses and wears a toque a lot and the man love love loves his coffee. I thought I had an addiction – but I am sure this man can out drink me any day.

Well after a morning of brunch, an intense work out an overpriced lunch where they do no make a single modification to any dish even if it is for an allergy – we all needed a coffee. We had been up since 6am and I was hitting my wall.

We were on Abott Kinney and there are several coffee shops, the TOM’s Shoe place, The Butchers Daughter, Starbucks, Intelligistia and many others – there was a coffee shop every 10 steps essentially.  I cant remember the name of. We could have stopped anywhere. Our one girlfriend doesn’t really like real coffee she get it all fancy with flavoured syrup – not what a call a true coffee drinker but whatever. As a mom I will take caffeine anyway I can get it.

We ended up going into Intelligistia which is a bit random as Kirsty only likes fancy coffee and you can only really get espresso, Americano’s, Latte or a capacinno’s. As we walked up there was lions on the wall. BOOM LEWISTON showing his momma to keep running towards the roar. He showed up in so many ways on this trip it was epic. We were standing in line and out of the corner of my eye I see this dude that looks like Chad Veach.

I excitedly nudge the girls and say – HOLY SHIT – I think that’s Chad Veach. They have no idea who that is or what I cam talking about. For me this moment was like bumping into David Beckham – (Sorry David but Chad Veach is my big deal). Anyway as  I was trying to grab my phone and look to see if his Instagram story or feed said anything about it our eyes met. Not like in some love way, but like hey I know you kinda of way. Without telling my girlfriends I just left the coffee lineup and walked right over.

“Excuse this is gonna seem so weird but are you Chad Veach, author of Unreasonable Hope, Pastor of Zoe Church?”

With his big wide grin he replies. ” I sure am.”

And then I lead in with…”well I am Jessica Janzen and you have no idea how incredible and crazy it is that I am meeting you. Your book literally changed my life.I just finished it a month ago.  Our pastors gifted it to us as our son was fighting for his life in the hospital and it totally saved me. I follow you on instragram, came down to LA for a break and on my to do list was ZOE church. We are coming to your church tomorrow. This is crazy.”

Rather than Chad just smiling and nodding. He asked questions, apologized for the loss of my son and said that he would get us hooked up at Church Tomorrow. Ha church hooks up is awesome. Chad asked what brought us down here.

“Girls trip, a chance to get away, check out some churches, go to Soul Cycle, drink coffee, go to over priced restaurants and of course get a Tattoo in honor of Lewiston. My girlfriend had an amazing tattoo artists that was based in LA and he had squeezed me in knowing I was a friend of her’s. I was suppose to get a lions head, more on that later but chickened out and just went with simple script.

I explained that I had tattooed Run Towards the Roar on my arm. I said it was crazy that when I had went to Lvei Lusko’s Church in Montana over the holidays that it was actually Chad’s Message that was played that sunday. Now for those of you that dont know the whole story. Levi Lusko lost his daughter 5 years ago to an asthma attack and after all of this he wrote this incredible booked tittled Through the eyes of a Lion and the chapter that stuck out the most to me was the chapter titled Run Towards the Roar. More on why Run towards the Roar means so much in another post.


Now getting back to how crazy this was and still is. Chad thought the tattoo was crazy. And then dropped this bomb.

“Levi was suppose to meet me here, he is with is family at Disneyland but lets FaceTime him and say hi and show him your new tattoo. ”

Next thing you know I am Facetiming with Levi Lusko in LA with one of his best friends at a random coffee shop. Like what how is this my life. So random that Levi was in LA that same weekend. He doesnt announce his travel schedule, and is either in Montana or literally speaking around the world so totally crazy that he was in LA. Remember how I talked about those churches I wanted to get to. Well he was speaking at Hillsong LA and Chad was going to make sure we got seats and were taken care of.

Honestly I was floored, totally speechless.

My girlfriends had by now come over at this point and wondered what the heck was happening. Like who did I know in LA to be able to talk to.

Chad gave us his number and graciously offered to get us set up at his church. We accepted and decided to attend his 10AM service.

Chad shared the story of divine appointments with the whole church and had them pray over us. It was incredible. my girlfriends and I got to speak with his amazing wife Julia and of course then thank him as we headed off to Hillsong LA. It was pouring ran in LA, and even after being dropped off on the curb I still managed to look like a drowned out rate.

I got ushered in by the pastor. he had a seat right up front for me. Low and behold that Levi and his wife Jennie sat right infront of me. Levi gave an incredible message as he always does and then I pounced right on top of him at the end of it. I shared my story and