Minimocs. It is quite possibly the only shoe that will stay on your child. Whether you’re a mom or are looking for the perfect gift for your best friend’s baby shower these mocs are off the hook amazing. They are a staple in our home. I have a Tupperware bin full of other cute shoes that Miss Swayzie Grace hasn’t worn or has worn and once a picture was snapped they fell off seconds later and back to the Minimoc we went. I got a pair of Freshly Picked Moc’s from my mom’s best friend and another friend of mine as a shower gift in 2 different sizes. I didn’t realize the value of this precious gift until I got to use them. Sadly we (I say “we”, but really blame the hubby as he was the last one to pull them off Swayzie) ended up losing Swayzie’s first pair as he was changing her and threw one in the garbage. It wasn’t done on purpose, just a rushed daddy not paying full attention…..they slipped off the diaper caddy and one landed in the garbage…..I guess the Calgary dump is that much prettier for it. Regardless I used his credit card to go buy a new pair. Your babe grows like a weed for the first 12 months and then slows down significantly. We own over 7 pairs of Minimocs. I am totally obsessed with them as they help keep socks on, Miss Swayzie can’t pull them off and they go with all outfits, and keep her little toes warm. We love supporting local and Canadian brands as much as possible. We moved from Freshly Picked (still love the brand) to Minimoc. The Minimoc’s are made in Abbottsford, BC and run about $20 less than FP – stupid US exchange rate. Check out their website and go buy a pair or 7. It is a husband and wife team that run the business….just the fact that they work together makes me want to support them as I know how hard it is to work with your husband – love you babe. Anyway, a ton of stores here in Calgary stock them. West Coast Kids, Baby and Me, Coco and Charlie and so forth. Swayzie’s size 3 in “Piglet” are the pair that she will learn to walk in. It is so sweet to she her go from crawling, to pulling her self up to walking with our help or a walker. Her little Minimoc’s have seen a lot and I can’t wait for the moment of her first step by herself in those well worn Mocs. Here is to not losing another shoe, your babe looking stellar and you bringing the best damn gift to the next baby shower you attend. This Mom Recommends the Minimoc. Trust me they will be well worn. Xo, J